Re-sisters (Signed)


Publication Date 18 August 2022

From the acclaimed author of Art Sex Music comes a vital meditation on womanhood, creativity and selfexpression, and a revelatory exploration into the lives of three visionary artists. Myself, Delia and Margery - a trinity of the sacred and profane, sinners and
saints of a kind. Re-sisters is the story of three women consumed by their passion for life, a
passion they expressed through music, art and lifestyle - their recordings.

In 2018, boundary-breaking visual and sonic artist Cosey Fanni Tutti received
a commission to write the soundtrack to a film about Delia Derbyshire, the pioneering electronic composer who influenced the likes of Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers. While researching Derbyshire's life, Tutti became immersed in her story and uncovered fascinating parallels with her own life. At the same time, Tutti began reading about Margery Kempe, the fifteenth-century mystic visionary who wrote the first English language autobiography.

The connections between the three women soon shifted into focus. Each lived on the fringes of a world dictated by patriarchal forces; each relentlessly
pursued the expansion and enrichment of their life through their
creative work. Undaunted by the consequences they faced and unwilling to
conform to the societal and cultural norms of their time, they are united by an
unwavering commitment to their sense of self.

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