Pin-Ups 1972-1982

Ten years of classic posters from the punk, new wave and glam era.

From Glam through Punk to New Wave and Post-Punk, this collection of over 200 posters from the 1970s celebrate a decade’s music and design. Drawing on scores of personal interviews with stars, artists, photographers and fly-posting mafiosi, Alwyn W. Turner and Roger Crimlis tell the stories behind the pictures from a golden age of rock & roll.

These are the images that adorned our bedroom walls: they asserted our allegiances, fuelled our fantasies, and let our friends know where we stood in the grand scheme of rock & roll. We still remember them this way: with yellowing strips of Sellotape stuck diagonally across the corners, with the faint aroma of illicit cigarette smoke clinging to them, with the wear, tear and graffiti that accumulated over the years.

Forward by Adam Ant

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