The Long Good Friday - Orginal Soundtrack (LP)

One of the truly great British gangster thrillers, The Long Good Friday rated as the 21st best British film of the 20th century in a BFI 1999 survey. Viewed today, 35 years after its release the film remains like all classic films completely timeless. With its two outstanding leads, Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren both stepping up to the cinematic big time, compelling direction by John Mackenzie and filmed against a background of London about to undergo massive change, this is a cinematic milestone. The other major factor that makes the film still so loved after all these years is Francis Monkman’s dazzlingly crafted score.

  1. Francis Monkman - The Long Good Friday - Main Title (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  2. Francis Monkman - Overture (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  3. Francis Monkman - The Scene is Set (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  4. Francis Monkman - At the Pool (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  5. Francis Monkman - Discovery (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  6. Francis Monkman - The Ice House (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  7. Bob Hoskins - Talking to the Police (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  8. Kevin Peek - Guitar Interludes (Sarabande in B Minor / Guitar Flamenco) (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  9. Francis Monkman - Realization (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  10. Francis Monkman - Fury (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  11. Francis Monkman - Taken (2016 Stereo Remaster)
  12. Francis Monkman - The Long Good Friday - End Title (2016 Stereo Remaster)
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