All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love All You Need Is Love
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“All You Need Is Love” is a restored and remastered photographic journey through The Beatles performance on June 25, 1967 for the Our World Satellite broadcast.


The book is a painstakingly remastered publication by the makers of Eight Arms To Hold You, chronicling the visual diary of rehearsals and live performance of The Beatles in the summer of 1967 as they sang All You Need Is Love around the world to a an estimated audience of 400 million people.


The Beatles were signed by the BBC as the United Kingdom’s representatives in the three plus hour programme, showcasing the best that nations had to offer. “It was the first worldwide satellite broadcast ever,” Ringo Starr said. “It’s a standard thing that people do now, but then, when we did it, it was a first. That was exciting – we were doing a lot of firsts.”


John Lennon penned the song especially for the event, as directed by the brief given to the band by the BBC. The request was simple and the song had to be simple, so that viewers around the world would understand it.


Neither politicians nor heads of state were allowed to feature in the broadcast, and no pre-recorded videotape or film was allowed. Approximately 10,000 technicians, producers and translators helped make the event possible and each country had its own announcers with translators narrating where needed.


For their live performance, broadcast at 9.36pm GMT, The Beatles played to their pre-recorded backing track. However, all vocals, bass guitar, guitar solo, drums and 13-piece orchestra were live. The backing track was produced to reduce the chances of on-air errors, although the broadcast was carefully stage managed so that everything appeared spontaneous.


Working with archives and colleagues at Rex Features, The Science Museum, MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine and the BBC, Archivum has pieced together the narrative and visuals surrounding the rehearsals and live performance. The result is a beautifully crafted visual timeline documenting The Beatles’ part in this historic event, told through 140 pages of restored, remastered and re-coloured high definition images. 


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