Bauhaus - Limited Edition Print
  • Pre-Order Now: Release Date 8th June 2020
  • 24" x 24"
  • Limited Edition: 250
  • Gallery Quality Giclee print
  • 100% Cotton Rag Archival Paper Stock
  • Archival Inks
  • Available unframed or framed*
  • Stamped with Beggars Arkive logo

In partnership with Beggars Arkive.

The Staatliches Bauhaus was an influential school of art and design founded in 1919 in Germany by Walter Gropius. Inspired by Expressionist art, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and the craft aesthetic of William Morris, the movement made no distinction between applied and fine arts and believed in bringing artists and craftsmen together for a utopian purpose. 

Bauhaus’s musical ambitions attempted to champion a minimalistic style, stripped of unnecessary ornament. Originally named Bauhaus1919 and forming in Northampton in 1978 by Daniel Ash, Peter Murphy, Kevin Haskins and David J, Bauhaus redacted various musical influences including dub, glam rock, noise, psychedelia and funk, to become the progenitors of a ‘Dark Wave’ music.

Designed in 1922 by Oscar Schlemmer, the band commandeered the Bauhaus emblem for themselves throughout their career. Printed on 100% Cotton Rag Archival Paper, our limited edition reproduction celebrates the group’s 40 years of creative collaboration.


*PLEASE NOTE - The framed option is only available as COLLECTION IN-STORE.

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