Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
The most influential heavy metal band of all time, Black Sabbath have often felt uneasy over accusations that they indulged in devil-worship. Yet, with lyrics that at times appeared sympathetic towards Satanism, and the unavoidably occultist artwork that graced the front of their self-titled debut album, the band also seemed to cultivate such mythology. Longtime artist for the Vertigo label, Keith MacMillan (aka Marcus Keef) took the ominous photograph for Black Sabbath, depicting a notably Pagan-like female outside the 15th-century Mapledurham Watermill, situated on the River Thames, in Oxfordshire. Its otherworldly effect was created through the use of false-colour photography, which renders colours different from their original appearance (the greenery surrounding the watermill appears in reds and pinks). Improbably, MacMillan has in recent years become a digital-television mogul.
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