Bowie Odyssey 74 - Limited Edition Collector's Hardback

David Bowie

Publication Date: 09.05.2024

Book by book, year by year, the ultimate literary trip through Bowie’s greatest decade.

This special edition is limited to just 500 copies. It is the fifth in a series of Bowie Odyssey collector's editions. It is the only way to acquire the book in hardback and it features a special alternative cover.

Darkness looms in 1974. It could be the winter energy crisis. It could be The Exorcist. Or it could be the shock that Britain’s biggest pop star, David Bowie, is about to leave its shores for good.

Bidding the corpse of glam, Ziggy’s haircut and loyal ‘Bowietania’ farewell, the plan is to storm America with his highly theatrical Diamond Dogs tour. But by opening night he’s already wishing he was Barry White instead. Then there’s that nasty sniff he can’t get rid of. And that fly in his milk. And the suspicion that, much like every other teen idol named David, fame is driving him completely out of his mind …

Simon Goddard’s electric ride through Bowie’s greatest decade reaches the halfway mark with this fifth instalment. Wickedly funny and shockingly tragic, Bowie Odyssey 74 is the story of one man trying to find his soul in a world that’s gone to the devil.


‘Bowie’s lucid madness and wild ambition is in full effect . . . Absolutely unputdownable.’ 
Classic Rock

‘Fantastic year-by-year epic . . . So devotional and healthily delirious you can smell the greasepaint and the hormones.’ 
Record Collector

‘A full-on sensory immersion in Bowie’s universe.’
Sunday Times

ISBN: 9781915841049
Extent: 192 pages
Format: Hardback

£20.00 GBP
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