Bowie Quizpedia

Hannah Koelmeyer

Publication date: 5th October 2021

ISBN: 9781922417367

Binding: Paperback

You might own every one of his vinyls and movies, but how well do you know David Bowie? With a legacy that spanned decades, our Starman left behind a priceless collection of art and music which we'll always treasure.

But even if you've listened to all his songs again and again, how well do you really know Ziggy, Aladdin and the Thin White Duke? Do you know the name of the play Bowie wrote? Or what year he toured with Iggy Pop? How about the instrument he started playing when he was twelve?

With 450 questions to test even the biggest Bowie fanatics, this interactive trivia book is perfect to play with friends or family. (Or, for the truly Bowie obsessed ... solo!) And, while you test your memory, put your favourite Bowie songs on for the full experience.

£9.99 GBP
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