Everybody Dance: Chic and the Politics of Disco


Released: 06/02/20

With their era-defining music and instantly recognisable look, Chic s reputation as pioneers of disco has endured long after the movement itself.

Covering the sweet successes and fallings out of favour, the creative process and encounters with Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Madonna and others, the acclaimed Everybody Dance explores the highs and the lows of Chic s journey in fascinating detail. With a new foreword by Duran Duran founding member John Taylor and a host of new interviews with Nile Rodgers, Johnny Mathis and many others, to add to those with Ahmet Ertegun, Bryan Ferry and David Bowie, this edition bring their enthralling journey up to date.

A must-read for any disco fan, Everybody Dance: Chic and the Politics of Disco is the essential story of the legendary band who still get us lost in music, over four decades on.

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