Evilution Naturalus (Laser Etching)
Evilution Naturalus (Laser Etching) Evilution Naturalus (Laser Etching)

Condition: Excellent 

In 2011 Moon Editions released of “Evilution Naturalus,” their first collaboration with Brooklyn based artist Seldon Hunt.

“The totem of the unholy one. The unnatural and the sublime, evolution and corruption meet in the blasmosphere of purgatory. Death, resurrection and reincarnation are engraved into Latvian birch with the impossible symmetry of diabolic perfection.”

  • Seldon Hunt Evilution Naturalus 2011
  • Laser engraving on enameled Latvian Birch
  • Edition of 20.
  • 14.25 x 22”
  • Signed and numbered by the artist

*Image taken from Inside The Rock Poster Frame Blog

£200.00 GBP