Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction
One of the most explosive debuts to come from the peak of the mid-80s hard rock era, Appetite From Destruction took its name from a painting by cult US artist Robert Williams. Depicting a young female street vendor who’d just been sexually assaulted by a predatory robot, which, in turn, is seconds away from annihilation at the hands of a giant red extraterrestrial with knives for teeth, the band felt it was the perfect visual accompaniment for the band’s own uncompromising bad-boy image. However, major chain stores on both sides of the Atlantic refused to display and, in some cases, even sell the record. Relegating Williams’ painting to the inside, and looking for a less offensive alternative for the front, the band’s label, Geffen, based the replacement sleeve on one of lead singer Axl Rose’s latest tattoos: a Celtic cross, prominently featuring a skull for each band member. As if Meet The Beatles had been dragged through Hell and back, the results were the perfect introduction for of rock’n’roll’s most controversial bands. Appetite For Destruction remains a classic, and its album sleeve is still proudly displayed by fans today, who have either tattooed it onto their own skin, or sewn Appetite patches onto suitably faded denim jackets.
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