Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion Vol 1
Having worked on their follow-up to Appetite For Destruction for four years, Guns N’Roses emerged with a two-volume set (both sold separately). The artwork for both Use Your Illusion I and II was, like Appetite’s original sleeve, based on a painting – in this case, a detail taken from The School Of Athens, by Italian Renaissance painter Raphael. The hunched man writing into a book can be seen in the back row of the original image, six people in from the right; unlike many of the figures in Raphael’s painting (including Plato and Sophocles), he is not believed to represent any particular Greek philosopher. Also present in the painting is Michelangelo who at the time was painting the Sistine Chapel. Raphael was so in awe of him that he placed him centre-stage, leaning on a block, with Raphael himself, more modestly hidden away on the far right, behind 4th-century BC painter Protogenes, who is clad in white. The painting hangs in the Vatican. For Use Your Illusion I, Estonian-American artist Mark Kostabi highlighted the anonymous character in black-and-white, surrounded by an orange-and-yellow background, while his brother Paul Kostabi gave the painting the name that would eventually title the album.
  • High quality giclee print
  • Officially licensed album artwork
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  • Available in 61cm/24.1" sq or 46cm/18.1"sq