His Dark Materials 2LP

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The critically acclaimed HBO/BBC joint production based on the first book of Philip Pullman’s bestselling “His Dark Materials” trilogy hit UK TV screens on the 3rd of November and premiered in the US a day later. The eight episodes enjoyed the biggest budget the BBC has ever lavished on a series and didn’t disappoint, bringing the strange parallel worlds of the trilogy sharply into focus, overcoming complexities of plot that the film The Golden Compass (2007) failed to do.

Composer Lorne Balfe has assembled a superb, diverse, and devoted cast of performing artists for this concept driven release, including K T Tunstall, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), cellist Tina Guo (Hans Zimmer Live and The World of Hans Zimmer), post modern composer-cellist Peter Gregson, steam punk influenced violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling, classical horn player Sarah Willis, BAFTA award winning composer, multi instrumentalist Richard Harvey and Vanya Moneva’s Ethnic Bulgarian Choir to present exquisitely crafted musical themes based on his soundtrack for the series.

The artwork features commissioned photographs of the original props by Ros Atkinson. Ros has over 47k followers on Instagram (@her_dark_materials), and her extraordinary images use natural light to invoke the perennial ambience of Rembrandt’s still life paintings.



Side A
1. His Dark Materials
2. The Alethiometer
3. Lyra: The Child of Prophecy
4. The Settling of a Daemon
5. Scholastic Sanctuary

Side B
1. The General Oblation Board 
2. The Life of Roger Parslow
3. The Machinations of Lord Boreal
4. A Gilded Cage

Side C
1. The Strength of Gyptians
2. A Plea to Fate
3. The Legacy of Svalbard
4. Mrs. M.Coulter
5. The Magisterium

Side D
1. The Path Foretold
2. Release the Spy-Fly
3. The Tales of Lee Scoresby
4. The Compass Points North
5. Will: The Knife Bearer
6. The Witches of Lake Enara

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