London Calling

The Clash

Format: LP

Remastered from the original production master tapes, this a reissue of the 1979 and third album by 'the only band that matters'. it features the original artwork and all 19 of the original tracks, including the hidden hit 'train in vain. bursting at the seams with creative energy, the clash's stunning 1979 double album more than made up for the artistic and commercial disappointment of its predecessor, 1978's tried-too-hard 'give 'em enough rope'. with ex-mott the hoople producer guy stevens harnessing their sound as never before, the band yielded what proved to be the best work of their career. bouncing from hard rock (the apocalyptic vision of the title track) to rockabilly ('brand new cadillac') to reggae ('Rudie can't fail') to pop (the top 40 hit 'train in vain'), the clash knocked down all musical walls.

£25.99 GBP
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