Lust for Life
Lust for Life Lust for Life

Release Date: 29 May 2020

In 1977, Iggy Pop signed with RCA Records and with the help of David Bowie the two of them wrote and produced The Idiot and Lust for Life, Iggy Pop’s two most acclaimed albums as a solo artist, the latter featuring one of Pop’s best-known songs 'The Passenger'.

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DISC ONE (Lust for Life)

  1. Lust for Life 
  2. Sixteen 
  3. Some Weird Sin 
  4. The Passenger 
  5. Tonight 
  6. Success 
  7. Turn Blue 
  8. Neighbourhood Threat 
  9. Fall in Love with Me

DISC TWO (TV Eye Live)

  1. T.V. Eye 
  2. Funtime 
  3. Sixteen 
  4. I Got A Right 
  5. Lust for Life 
  6. Dirt 
  7. Nightclubbing 
  8. I Wanna Be Your Dog


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