Marillion 'Radiation' LP Cover

The Flood Gallery

Model and ocean photographed in Hayle Cornwall, June 1998. Burning head and sky photographed in Hoo Marshes, Kent in December 2012. This was a development from the original Radiation CD package where the burning head was created in Photoshop due to tight deadlines and budgets. The original model/ocean transparency was used in combination with a photograph of an actual burning dummy head (one of two that we made) on a steel post which was digitally stripped into the original scan to create the finished image.

  • 23" x 23"
  • Signed and numbered by Carl Glover
  • 1998: Mamiya C220 camera with 80mm lens, Fuji Provia film.
    2012: Canon 5DS markII with Contax Zeiss 45mm lens via adaptor.

£70.00 GBP
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