After the 1971 album Who's Next, Pete Townshend returned to the rock-opera concept, so dramatically realised through Tommy, with another ambitious double-album masterpiece. Based around the story of Jimmy - Quadrophenia tells the tale of a young mod and his struggle to come of age in the mid-1960s. The story also takes its influence from the band's early fans from the original mod era, and its themes of teenage angst and disaffection still resonate strongly today. The project was intended to reflect the four characters of the who and features some of Townshend's most inspired, personal song-writing - way ahead of its time in scope and purpose. This is one of the most widely recognised albums of the Who's career because of its classic depiction of mod culture, its renowned imagery and the magnificent music and powerful performances. The album is hugely significant in popular culture, influencing many other artists, musicians and film-makers - inspiring the classic 1979 british film by franc roddam and the uk 'mod revival' of the 1970s.

Format: 2LP

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