Spanish Model

Release date: 10th September 2021

Format: 1LP

Spanish Model  tells the story of what happens to a seminal album (This Year’s Model) recorded 42 years ago when it is reinterpreted with new voices in another language.  This is a story of transformation, adaptation, reflection; a mash-up of language, geography, culture, and passion. How past/present and time/ space can partner with music/talent to reimagine a completely new work – Spanish ModelElvis Costello’s “This Year’s Model” will be reinterpreted all in Spanish with 19 of today’s top Latin artists (Luis Fonsi, Sebastian Yatra, Juanes, and many more) representing a total of 9 countries.  The lyrics have been precisely translated to have the featured Latin artists sing to the original multis. We are working closely with our Universal Latin label partners for artist participation and overall support on this release.

    £25.99 GBP