Super Nova Samba Funk

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The Record Store Day 2021 vinyl edition of Super Nova Samba Funk – the comeback album from Banda Black Rio, featuring Brazilian heavyweights Seu Jorge, Marcio Local, Elza Soares, Cesar Camargo Mariano & more. Originally released in 2011, this new special edition for RSD features two tracks from the project that were never released on vinyl, Irerê (feat. Gilberto Gil) and Aos Pés Do Redentor (feat. Caetano Veloso).

The philosophy on Super Nova Samba Funk remains the same: celebrating the musicality of black Brazil through strong lyrical representation and its unique combination of jazz, funk, soul, samba and gafieira. Super Nova Samba Funk (9 No Samba) and Samba Nova are two special instrumental tracks that showcase Rio’s finest players who together form BBR. Isabela combines elegant brass, jazz and gafieira swing that counts the special input of Elza Soares – the legendary scatting samba singer – and Cesar Carmargo Mariano – the famed pianist and arranger, father of Maria Rita, and husband to Elis Regina.

LP: 1. Louis Lane (feat. Seu Jorge & Mano Brown) / 2. Super Nova Samba Funk / 3. America Do Sul / 4. Isabela (feat. Elza Soares & Cesar Camargo Mariano) / 5. Irerê (feat. Gilberto Gil) / 6. Samba Nova / 7. Quem Vem La (feat. Marcio Local) / 8. Deixa Estar (feat. Aleh) / 9. Lindos Olhos (feat. Seu Jorge & Don Pixote) / 10. Aos Pés Do Redentor (feat. Caetano Veloso)

Format: 12"

£31.99 GBP