Through the Prism: Untold Rock Stories From the Hipgnosis Archive

Aubrey Powell

Signed Copy! To be released on 09/03/22. 

Aubrey Powell draws on an eclectic cast of rock stars, managers, artists, gangsters and inspirational world figures to tell the most intriguing, surprising and amusing stories from the world of rock from 1966 on.

Drama and creativity are the common threads throughout this array of riveting psychological dramas. With candour and insightful reflection, Powell reveals how he and Storm Thorgerson became an effective creative partnership despite their volatile relationship; how the most iconic album cover of all time - Dark Side of the Moon- came about; and how the 2017 Pink Floyd retrospective became the largest and most successful music exhibition ever mounted by the Victoria and Albert Museum, despite the deeply antagonistic and dysfunctional relationship between Roger Waters and David Gilmour.

Packed with personal anecdotes, Through the Prism is richly illustrated with Hipgnosis art work and Powell's own photographs. Throughout, Powell conveys how the trappings of fame and glory upset the balance of everyday life, bringing creativity and destruction in equal measure.

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