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Exciting news...Flood Gallery Records!

Breathe Box Set
 The Flood Gallery, based in Greenwich Market – London, works with the best pop culture artists in the world to provide deluxe contemporary screen printed gig posters, art prints and movie-inspired prints.
Driven by a genuine passion for art and music, The Flood Gallery is proud to announce its debut as Flood Gallery Records. This new exciting project will extend The Flood Gallery standards to the release of Deluxe Vinyl sets.
“Breathe - This Shining Moment. Recordings 1986-1990”, an homage to the superb 80’s UK pop band, inaugurates this new venture.

With a beautiful rigid board box the set contains both Breathe studio albums, “All that Jazz” and “Peace of Mind” early 7” Single “In all Honesty” and a coloured 12” Single that has the USA extended version of their biggest hit “Hands to Heaven” and some fantastic B sides. The Box also contains a 64 page book with photos and lyrics.

These titles have not been available on Vinyl for over 25 years and have been re-cut from the original masters and come with the original inner and outer sleeve album art.

The first 200 customers to place their order will have their name printed in the book.

Breathe were the first British group to have 3 top ten singles from a debut album on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US – “Hands to Heaven” (US #2, UK #4), “How Can I Fall” (US #3) and “Don’t Tell me Lies” (US #10). From the second album Breathe also scored another Billboard smash with “Say a Prayer” (US #3).

Singer David Glasper is respected as one of the finest Vocalists of the era and during their short two album career they produced some of the finest music of the 80’s, brilliantly produced and performed this Vinyl Box is a classy package full of great music and the biggest collection ever of Breathe’s work with extensive photo images.

Available now exclusively to pre-order from PledgeMusic, here:





LP1 – 11 tracks.

A1        I Hear You're Doing Fine - 4.23        
A2        Say A Prayer – 3.51   
A3        Does She Love That Man? – 4.47    
A4        Mississippi Water – 3.51      
A5       Will The Circle Be Unbroken? – 4.14           
A6        Woman – 4.34          
B1        Got To Get By – 3.34
B2        Say Hello – 4.32        
B3        Where Angels Fear – 4.50    
B4        Without Your Love – 3.56    
B5        A Perfect Love – 4.01           

LP2- 11 tracks

A1        Jonah - 3.35
A2        All That Jazz Remix  4.07
A3        Monday Morning Blues - 3.58
A4        Hands To Heaven - 4.18 
A5        All This I Should Have Known - 3.57
A6        Don't Tell Me Lies - 3.38
B1        Any Trick - 4.00
B2        Liberties Of Love - 3.30
B3        Won't You Come Back? - 5.58
B4        For Love Or Money - 3.59
B5        How Can I Fall? - 4.41


LP3 – 4 tracks.

A1           Hands To Heaven (Extended Heaven) – 6.23
A2           Moments – 3.47
B1           Stay – 3.53
B2           Life and Times – 4.46


A             In All Honesty – 3.38
B             Take A Little Time – 4.10