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Below is lifted from Kevin's blog on the 'Introducing' exhibition which launches this Thursday evening (13th) at 7:30pm, see you there!

"This has been months of planning and it’s so close to coming together this Thursday (October 13, 2011).

John Vogl (the Bungaloo) and I bring you “The Greenwich History and Heritage Collection” and “Unfamiliar Objects” respectively. Our shows will debut at the Flood Gallery in London, UK. Both John and I are there now preparing for the show (and drinking alarming amounts of coffee!) with the Flood Gallery team. We’ll both be there on the opening night and John will even be doing live drawing sessions.

“The Greenwich History and Heritage Collection” by John Vogl (commissioned by the Flood Gallery) is a series of four prints (with two variants) depicting different moments, people, and places in Greenwich’s rich history. Greenwich is where the Flood Gallery is located, so John and the Flood Gallery’s efforts are a salute to such a prominent area in the United Kingdom. 

“Unfamiliar Objects” is my series of six prints. In addition to those six, I have two art print versions of my Brave New World and Anthem Prints. “Unfamiliar Objects” is my way of communicating simple observations about life through modest machines and whimsical devices that are largely out of use. In addition to prints, I will be offering a T-Shirt based off of one of the prints that will be sold exclusively at the show opening.

The Flood Gallery is the best brick and mortar one gallery and shop for seeing today’s poster and prints artists. The variety is immense and the staff are very sincerely dedicated to posters and prints. When I first walked in, my first impression was that they had work from almost everyone I could think of, framed beautifully and in display bins. 

The opening for the show is October 13, 2011 at 7:30 pm. The Gallery is located at 8 Greenwich Market, London SE10 9HZ. Both John and I will be in attendance on the opening night and would love to meet as many people as possible. In addition to our new prints, the gallery boasts some of the best and most sought after posters, and the market will be buzzing with vendor stalls and food. It’s all very exciting.

Both of our series are 18 x 24 prints and are currently available for pre order at the Flood Gallery website and will be for sale at the opening.

Please check out my flickr photoset to see all the prints and more photos."

 Kevin's prints are also available to pre-order from here, click for a detailed look at all of the prints featured in the show.