GLASTONBURY The Festival and Its People

Liam Bailey
  • Signed bookplate 
  • Publication date: 10th Jun 2024
  • 86 stunning behind-the-scenes photographs of the largest music and performing arts festival in the world
  • Photographs taken over a period of 30 years, capturing the way the festival has evolved
  • Revealing the grit and grime of the revellers behind the glitz and glamour of the headliners
  • Documentary-style photographs interwoven with stunning artistic compositions

“There are many books about the music scene but few that show punters in all their beautiful variety. Liam Bailey’s long-term documentation has really paid off – this book about the craziness of Glastonbury Festival is terrific.” – Martin Parr

Glastonbury is the striking distillation of over 30 years’ unprecedented photographic access to the world’s largest green-field music and performing arts festival. In over 120 memorable images, Liam Bailey invites us to share his experiences of being among its diverse tribes.

Although Glastonbury has evolved into a sprawling fixture of the British summer calendar, this famously vibrant event is still powered by the belief in alternative communal culture. It is this special energy that has kept Bailey returning every year since 1992. Above all, this ‘access all areas’ visual diary makes a case for the positive human potential of over 200,000 people being able to get together in the open air – to enjoy music, performance and each other.

Bailey’s work has been exhibited in the UK and abroad, and appeared in magazines and newspapers including The Independent, The Guardian and Condé Nast Traveller.

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