I AM MORBID: David Vincent with Joel McIver - Deluxe Collectors Edition

  • Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.

I AM MORBID: Ten Lessons Learned From Extreme Metal, Outlaw Country, And The Power Of Self-Determination David Vincent with Joel McIver.

Deluxe collector’s edition of the long-awaited autobiography by David Vincent, the legendary frontman for extreme metal pioneers Morbid Angel, and outlaw country artist who is now the frontman for two supergroups, Vltimas and I Am Morbid.

"I didn’t want to write a conventional autobiography. You know the kind of book I mean, where a rock musician gets famous, falls from grace (ha!), and then recovers after some kind of redemption. I’ve been through some of that stuff, but I like to think there’s more to my years on the planet than the old familiar tale. Many of those stories seem to be about drugs, addiction, rehab, and relapse, but that was never my issue. My challenges weren’t any less challenging than anyone else’s; they just manifested themselves in different ways. This book is about what I’ve learned, which is a lot, but never enough." David Vincent

I Am Morbid tells the astounding story of David Vincent, former bassist and singer with the pioneering death-metal group Morbid Angel. Written with the bestselling author Joel McIver, it’s an autobiography that transcends the heavy-metal category by its very nature. Much more than a mere memoir, it’s an instruction manual for life at the sharp end; a gathering of wisdom distilled into ten acute lessons for anyone interested in furthering their fortunes in life.Jawb

About This Special Edition

Strictly limited to 100 copies, with each book and presentation box individually numbered. Each volume has been signed by David Vincent on a custom bookplate that is added to the inside front cover. Published February 2020 by Jawbone Press.

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