Ten More Turnips From The Tip

Ten More Turnips From The Tip will be available to purchase in store on Record Store Day (23rd April 2022) from 8am. It will be available online and worldwide from 8pm on Friday 29th April.   We’re celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the fourth and final studio album by Ian Dury & the Blockheads. Ten More Turnips from the Tip’ was first compiled and released in 2002, two years past Ian Dury’s passing in 2000. For the first time ever this album is being released on vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day 2022. The album has been remastered for the occasion and is being released not just on vinyl, but on white vinyl!   Tracklist:   Side 1

1. Dance Little Rude Boy (2022 – Remaster)

2. I Believe (2022 – Remaster)

3. It Ain’t Cool (2022 – Remaster)

4. Cowboys (2022 – Remaster)

5. Ballad of the Sulphate Strangler (2022 – Remaster)

Side 2

1. I Could Lie (2022 – Remaster)

2. One Love (2022 – Remaster)

3. Happy Hippy (2022 – Remaster)

4. Books & Water (2022 – Remaster)

£14.99 GBP