Vaguely Lost In Shangri-La: Photographs From The Glastonbury Festival by Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis

‘They gave me a derelict caravan, food and the opportunity to wander; following a random path led by chance encounters.’

Award winning photographer Barry Lewis has captured the very essence of the Glastonbury experience for more than a decade. From Lost Vagueness to Shangri-La, Barry's photography is a celebration of the eccentric, colourful, weird and wonderful side of the iconic festival at Worthy Farm.

"It's so hard to explain, but to photograph Glastonbury you have to make your own journey, to really be there and let go, but still see and record, to be constantly open to surprise and wonder. There are moments everything falls into place, all is possible, you connect with the crowd pulsating to the music, oblivious to the rain and mud. There are moments of pure beauty and the photographs become just a distant echo." - Barry Lewis

  • Dimensions: 266x277mm
  • Hardback – 2.5mm paper over board cover
  • 176 pages
  • 150 gsm garda-matt paper

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